When mowing the lawn becomes a neighborhood affair

Just before Brett and I left for France it rained (and rained and rained)…as you remember from this post, we had some issues with water in our lower level.  Then, when we were in France, the weather warmed up and everything started to grow…and grow and grow!  The grass in our yard that I returned to was almost a foot tall in places!  I think Inca actually liked romping through the grass that went up to her belly 🙂


Brett offered to mow it when he returned but by then the rain was supposed to start again and I just couldn’t leave our yard looking like it was so mow the yard I did  🙂  I mowed the back yard the first night until it was dark…leaving the tallest spot that the mower had trouble handling…in that battle, mower and Mallory vs. the yard, the yard won.  The next morning though, I attacked the front yard.  All was going fine until the mower died…just like that!  I stopped the engine to empty the bag full of grass and the mower refused to start back up again.  Our next door neighbor watched me fighting with the now dead mower as he was leaving for work and actually got out of his car to come over and help.  He even let me use his mower to finish up the yard!  (it was seriously supposed to start raining that afternoon and was going to continue for the next 4 days…)  So, with a new mower in hand I kept at it.

Well for those of you who have mowed foot tall grass, it takes quite a bit of gusto and the self propel feature doesn’t always like working in such conditions which leaves you with a heavy mower that you now have to push.  As I was fighting my way through mowing the front yard, our neighbor across the street (with a riding lawn mower) started mowing his yard.  After about 15 minutes he drove that mower across the street, waved me out of the yard despite my protests, and mowed the rest of our yard.  As he did this I was able to finish combating the millions of gumballs that had accumulated over the fall (yes I know, I didn’t deal with them in the fall so they were still in the yard!) and bag up everything to haul to the curb.


When the neighbor finished mowing he drove his mower back across the street, finished up his own yard, and went inside.  🙂  Such a wonderful act of kindness from neighbors on all sides of our house!  The yard would not have been mowed completely without them before the rain started.


I think some ‘thank you’ muffins are in order 🙂  Have you experienced acts of kindness from neighbors?  Do you have any fun or clever ways of thanking them?  🙂


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