what I’ve been up to :)

It has been a few months now since I shared with you all that I left graduate school but I haven’t shared, in any official manner at least, what I have been spending all of my time doing.  🙂  Here goes!

I have been coaching swimming in the early mornings and in the evenings


I have found this to be a lot of fun!  I even took Brett to his first swim meet this past weekend 🙂  I coach with a great group of people and it has been really fun being involved with a sport that I spent so much time and energy (and love) doing when I was younger.  I am primarily coaching ages 6-12 and a handful of high school girls but I fill in with all ages in between when necessary 🙂

I’ve also been able to take on a few more responsibilities with my church.  I am now co-director of the Campus Ministry Board as well as serving as the co-director of a new worship service called CommunityUnderground which brings our Sunday service content alive in a new, multi-media type of way.

I still get to wear my researcher hat now and again too 🙂  I recently had a paper that I submitted in April accepted with very few revisions!  I have resubmitted this paper and I should get final proofs to approve in the coming weeks.  I am also working on a paper with the folks at NASA so stay tuned!

Coaching, working at church, and finishing up some research has all kept me very busy….but I have one last endeavor that I have been busily working on.  🙂  I won’t share too many details right now (Eeep!  Teasers!) but I can say that I am super super excited about this new project.  Brett and I experienced some gaps in the cancer resources we were able to find for young adults.  (FYI:  young adults in the cancer world means people age 20-40).  The resources out there for young adults are fewer in number than for other age groups with cancer and they read like text books.  We also experienced huge info gaps in those resources, leaving us to figure out a lot of things about our new day to day lives.  I am trying to fix this with a new, tech start up geared towards young adult cancer advocacy and life style management 🙂  More info in the coming months!


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