We’re still running races!


We’re looking for tuxes this weekend, Shelly and I met about flowers the other day, and the registry is just a few days away from making its debut on the website!  So much going on!

On a non-wedding note, Brett just accepted an internship this summer with the Microsoft Research Lab which is very exciting!  I’m also looking forward to my summer spent working with NASA.  Lots happening this summer!  Brett and I have also kick started back into our running!  After a summer spent finishing up chemo. treatments, recovering, and taking wonderful vacations with our families, and then a first semester spent getting our feet back underneath us, its now second semester and we’re running again!  We’ve both registered for the half marathon happening in Champaign in April.  13.1 miles should be great on the flat terrain of our lovely home!  We’ve done the race before so we should be pros by now!  😉

I’ve also registered for the American Brain Tumor Association’s Chicago Marathon running team.  I’m raising money (just in case you’re interested!) for a great organization and getting my butt into shape at the same time.  Brett and I have each completed the marathon before but I’m hoping to have a little more training under my belt this time around.  🙂  I’ve included the link to my fundraising page (again, just in case you’re interested!).




Hope you’re all well!  Check back next week for our registry!

Love, Mal

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  1. Hi Mal and Brett,
    So glad to hear you are in the ‘recovering’ phase of your own chemo life experience! And that you are living life joyously. I imagine there have been tough moments…and they too pass…
    Love and blessings,

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