The girls have been enjoying the snow and we have all been enjoying playing with them 🙂  Inca is becoming quite good at catching rubber balls in her mouth and Caya is becoming quite a cuddler.  Having mutts, we understand that their personalities and histories are varying and we’ve had challenges with the arrival of little Inca in our lives about a year and a half ago.  Through consistent training and lots of positive reinforcement we have really been doing well with our little fur ball of fire!  🙂  Brett and I see the benefits everyday of adopting animals from shelters.  I’ve even been trying to talk him into a little black kitten…though I dare say I will never win that battle haha 🙂  Save a puppy at your local shelter next time you’re looking for a furry friend!  🙂  Watch the humane society in your area’s website when you’re interested in adopting a pet.  Looking for a specific breed?  There are many rescues for specific breeds out there!  Have a friend who recently and accidentally had puppies?  Spread the word!

We <3 our Mutts!

Here are a few pics of our fur balls…

Caya blocking the projector 


Inca studying with me


Caya and Brett wrestling


Brett and Inca


Caya illegally on the couch with my dad 🙂


Inca nestled in the pillows

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