top 10 reasons why Brett needs to return home sooner!

in no particular order…reasons why Brett needs to return home to Chambana sooner than next Sunday!  (a.k.a.  a list of issues that only Brett’s physical presence can solve)  haha 🙂

—  Brett took the projector for the living room with him so I have been forced to use the itsy-bitsy television (itsy-bitsy by comparison at least!)

—  There is a huge spider that likes to make its web outside the front door.  The pups and I even arrived to a spider blocking our path through the front door…ICK.  Someone needs to deal with this spider!

—  There are still little spiders that haven’t been killed yet hiding in corners and under furniture….ICK

—  Taking walks in the afternoon with the pups is fun…but I tend to talk to them which makes it seem like I’m talking to myself if no one else is walking with us 🙂

—  Somehow the iPad has become attached to Brett’s phone number.  I can hear it ding whenever I sent Brett a text…it is quite annoying and Brett needs to come home so that he can fix it

—  I found two fairly large flower frogs (like I talked about here) outside our back door but they are covered in spider webs…Brett needs to get home so that he can de-spider them for me


—  Most dinner-time food that I feel inclined to make is less interesting than the things that Brett cooks 🙂

—  Spending time with Brett over skype is starting to get old

—  I miss my husband!

—  And the pups miss him too!

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Ok…so there are a lot of reasons that involve spiders, but those little buggers have set themselves up in every corner of the house during our summer absence!  At least I didn’t take any pictures of them to add to the post?  😉  In any case, Brett arrives this coming weekend…the less than 7 day count down continues!

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