To live or not to live in an Aquarium?

Mother Nature decided to recreate an episode from Noah’s Arc at our house recently…too bad we only had 2 humans and 2 female dogs to offer.  🙂  Brett and I traveled to St. Louis on Tuesday, returned home on Wednesday, and by Thursday evening it had been raining for a week here in Chambana and our downstairs was full of water.

Brett and I live in a tri-level so the downstairs isn’t really treated as a basement.  We have carpet down there and a ‘rescued from the garbage’ ping pong table along with an old tv.  We have a few adopted futons (seriously, we just collect other people’s furniture!) and the backseat from the McDonald-Jones family minivan (that is an entirely other story, haha).  The carpet is a lovely red shade of the indoor-outdoor variety.

When we moved in, there was a drain that I needed to have checked out by a plumber/roto-rooter.  After having some difficulty scheduling this due to our chemo treatments and other summer conflicts, the drain was never looked at.  Last spring, Champaign-Urbana received some pretty heavy rain fall.  Brett and I made sure everything downstairs was pulled away from the exterior walls and yet, we had no water enter the house.  “Perfect,” I thought.  “No need to get the drain checked out after all!”  This spring it rained for almost an entire week straight…lots and lots of rain and just as the rain was stopping, we ended up with a very wet downstairs indeed.  (we also later had someone come and look at that silly drain and it wasn’t even to blame!)  🙂

I called my dad and Lucas for pointers and Brett and I attacked the lower level immediately.  We moved everything upstairs into the entryway and kitchen, and started shop vac-ing the closets and carpets.  In 5 hours our lower level went from looking like this…




to looking like this…




using our handy, dandy shop-vac.  (Seriously, in this post I mentioned 3 things that are essential to home improvement…I’m adding the shop-vac!)


Brett even went out in the rain and cleaned out what he could of that pesky drain!



Did anyone else have water in their house lately?  Do you all have any tips/advice on how to avoid it or how to deal with it?  🙂


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