TJ’s 1969 Schwinn Varsity version 2.0

Last spring, Brett decided that it was time to revamp his dad’s 1969 Schwinn Varsity.  The bike was in moderately good repair but desperately needed a new paint job and some rust removal.  🙂


Brett started by taking all components off of the frame of the bike.  The metallic components were then soaked in oxalic acid to remove the rust that had built up over 30 years of use.  In order to make upkeep easier, Brett put new 700c wheels on the bike (new wheels = easier to find new tires).  The wheels were a slightly different size than the originals though so he had to bend the frame of the bike a little to install them.  🙂  Before installing everything else, Brett painted the schwinn white and added some great orange details.  After the components were all reinstalled, Brett wrapped new orange handlebar tape on the bike and put on a new orange seat (only detail not shown below).  Voila!  The 1969 Schwinn Varisty version 2.0 🙂


I wish I had step by step pictures but maybe just the before and after shots are enough 🙂


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