the sewing machine and I made a table cloth!

After trying to figure out what a good first sewing project would be, I finally settled on making a table cloth for our new (and borrowed) dining room table.  🙂  I found a great tutorial here for an easy project.  I measured everything out and found a local fabric store.  I didn’t buy enough fabric the first time around….I didn’t take into consideration that the pleats would steal some of the fabric.  🙂  After a second trip to the store though, and a round of pinning things incorrectly, I really like how the table cloth turned out!

To figure out how to thread the bobbin and the needle I watched the DVD that came with my sewing machine about a million times 🙂  Fred was visiting that weekend and he provided some backup as well 🙂



Both of the pups provided continual support and encouragement too 😉

blog_tablecloth_2 blog_tablecloth_3

The main color in the table cloth was beige so I used a really pretty, 100 % cotton thread in a beige color.


After a failed round of pinning I finally got the hang of it.


Once I had finished with the actual table cloth, I started hemming the bottom to keep it from fraying.  While I was pinning everything up, Inca nested herself into the fabric that was hanging off of my lap and onto the floor!

blog_tablecloth_11 blog_tablecloth_12

I really like how the end product turned out.  The teal color doesn’t really match our blue walls but I think it works anyway 🙂  (just fyi, the picture below is before the ends were hemmed)

blog_tablecloth_7 blog_tablecloth_8 blog_tablecloth_9 blog_tablecloth_10

What do you think?  What was your first sewing project?  🙂  Any suggestions on other projects I should try out?  🙂

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