the secret to post long runs

Brett and I are asked fairly frequently how we go about doing those long runs.  I’ll give Brett most of the credit…I usually get us out the door but Brett definitely keeps us on the road 🙂  The key to a successful long run is the food 🙂  I guess the leg muscles are important too but fueling during and after the run is really crucial.  For a run over 12 miles, I know that I need to block off a lot of the rest of the day to stretch, shower, eat, and relax a little while my blood sugar levels return to normal.  This means having food ready for during the run and after 🙂  Cooking while really really hungry isn’t much fun 🙂


Brett and I learned during a run last season that snickers bars are a great during run snack.  They have the sugar, the fat, the protein, and they are easy to carry and eat while running.  Ever since then, Snickers bars are my favorite long run treat 🙂  I carried them on the marathon too!  And you just can’t beat a frozen pizza when you need a carb-y meal post run.  🙂

Any athletes out there with some other favorite during or after run meals/snacks?  We are always looking for suggestions!  🙂

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