the quilting has begun

Quilting has begun!  I learned the hard way (after washing all of the fabrics and ironing them for 3 hours…) that this process cannot be forced.  Brett and I spent hours picking out all of the fabrics and then I washed and ironed them all…..and then 3 weeks went by.  I was starting to worry that I was going to have trouble returning to this lovely new hobby of mine when all of a sudden I found myself back downstairs and cutting fabric 🙂  I guess after spending 7 hours in 2 days doing the parts of this process that I don’t enjoy as much, I just needed a little break 🙂

The quilt that I am working on comes from Elise’s Get Quilty eCourse.  I have done a few of the projects now that she goes through in depth in the course.  You can find posts on them here and here along with my own adaptation of one here.  In the course, Elise makes an ombre quilt where the colors fade from peach to pink to red to orange to yellow.  I decided to adapt that idea for slightly different colors.  Ours will start with gray and fade into purple, blue, teal, and light green.  Each of the columns of color will be comprised of 5 different fabrics in that color…a cool mixture of solid and prints.  🙂  I am also altering the size of the quilt made in the ecourse from a 42″x60″ quilt to a 84″x60″ quilt.  🙂


Since there are literally 25 fabrics (and that isn’t counting the fabric I have picked out for the back and for the binding), it took a little while to cut everything out.  After cutting out the gray, purple, and blue fabrics it was definitely time for a change of pace.  I started laying the purple and gray fabrics out and deciding what the columns should look like 🙂

blog_quilt1_1 blog_quilt1_2

So far I have one column sewed together and 3 others waiting in neat stacks.  I am so loving this project 🙂


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