the new mad scientist lab!

Brett and I have been interested in turning our downstairs into a bit of a mad scientist lab for a while now.  We’ve had this awesome ping pong table that Brett and Raj saved from the garbage, moved to the house they rented down the street from us with our friend Fred, and then moved to our house (by literally rolling it down the street in the middle of the night haha).  🙂  Sometimes the ping pong table has been used to play ping pong and sometime it has been too full of stuff to do anything fun with.  Well, we recently cleaned up the downstairs (including a HUGE trip to Goodwill) and figured out how to save our beloved ping pong table.

While figuring out what kind of desk space we wanted downstairs, Raj suggested turning the ping pong table into a desk.  Well!  This idea meant a trip to the ReStore to figure out how to support this new desk concept!  (I guess it is important to note at this point that the multiple moves and the fact that the ping pong table started in the trash has meant that the support systems on the poor table have been wonky for a while now).  🙂  At the ReStore, Brett and I found 4 filing cabinets and had the locks drilled out of each of them…the previous owner had donated the filing cabinets locked with no key 🙂  We hauled the filing cabinets home and put them downstairs.  That night, Brett and Raj took off the ping pong table’s edge supports and put two filing cabinets under each side.


Voila, a 4 station desk!  🙂


Underneath the center of the desk, Brett put a few cinder blocks and a board to hold some of the computers off the ground.  The cords were put into a metallic crate.  Brett also drilled a hole in the center of the table to allow the cords to more easily pass below the table.

blog_newDesk_5 blog_newDesk_1

I even put my sewing machine down there 🙂  What do you think?  The new, HUGE desk was so low cost and created an awesome new space downstairs for us.  I think the next step for this space will be to make some curtains to hide the shelving more easily.  What do you think?  🙂  Have you created a repurposed desk from old things in your house before?

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