Superbowl and Dinner Parties

We have been quite “adult” lately if I say so myself haha 😉  On Superbowl Sunday my dad was visiting (there is a picture of his visit here ) and we had a few people over for the game.  We had great food, great homebrewed beer, and great laughs 🙂  I’ve been having a great time using our new stand mixer (thank you to my research advisor and his wife for that great wedding gift!) to make shortbread desserts , cookies, cookies, and more cookies!  With toll house by my side and a recipe book of desserts I am unstoppable!

Last night we went to dinner at our neighbors’ house.  What a wonderful, socially active, and engaging group of couples to spend an evening with 🙂  The food, drink, and dessert were just as satisfying as the conversation.  Brett and I have lived in Champaign for a chunk of time now, slowly evolving from undergrad campus dwellers to home with fence and backyard occupants 🙂  The community here is full of culturally active and involved people and we live among many of them.  One of our neighbors is part of a group dedicated to creating a bike trail from Champaign to Danville.  Another one volunteers at the Champaign County Library in his retirement.  Two are professors who are an active in sustaining the humanities and the arts in the face of cost cuts and budget crises.  I find it a good break from the everyday grind of basement offices and labs when Brett and I take time to visit with and learn from those around us.  🙂

Today is a rainy day of errands, research, and lounging with the pups.  I wish the backyard mud would freeze and the snow would come back because this rainy winter day is boring 😉


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