stationary and crafty flourishes

I have added washi tape to my go-to awesome stationary/craft accessories!  🙂  Throughout the last few months I have noticed more and more mentions of this awesome product on blogs that I frequent.  I finally broke down and decided to do a $10 experiment with some washi tape to try it out myself 🙂  I bought three different rolls from freckled fawn and started using the different patterns to add small extra touches to my correspondences.  Then, just a few days ago, I found a few smaller rolls for super cheap at an office supply store.


IMG_2874 IMG_2875



I also used it to help map out some details for a sewing project.  The tape was easy to reposition and served as the perfect guidelines.


Do you use washi tape or something else to add just a little extra something to projects or mail?  🙂  Do you have any fun washi tape uses?  🙂  There are so many!  I think my favorite right now is the air mail role from Freckled Fawn 🙂


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