Sometimes you just have to eat in the museum café!

Brett and I ate some FABULOUS food while in Paris…seriously, I do not think I ate anything that I didn’t like while we were there.  I’ll write more about some other things we tried though in the weeks to come.  We tried our best to plan our days such that food was available when we needed it and that we were mostly well hydrated.  I, for one, am completely miserable when I’m hungry…and I tend to get a little grumpy too 😉

When we visited the Musée d’Orsay, we had plans to meet up with friends in the afternoon and to go to the Louvre after that.  In the museum, we spent the extra 5 Euros on the audio guides…seriously, such a great investment.  It was Brett’s idea and worth every, stinkin’ Euro!  (a travelers hint though…figure out what the audio guide looks like and whether you can share it before you each pay for one!)


After about an hour and a half of wandering through the museum we realized that it was lunch time.  We could either leave the museum in search of some food and lose access to our wonderful audio guides….or we could tough it out.  Well, those were the two options until we decided to just go ahead and have a sit down lunch in the Musée d’Orsay at their Café Campana.


Our guide book suggested that the larger museum cafés tended to have amazing food…good enough to warrant just going to the museum for the food!  🙂  We each ordered the Quiche Lorraine and a much needed coffee…so amazing.  The service was friendly, the food was fantastic, and we got to keep our audio guides for a little longer!


Brett and I were both in better spirits after having eaten too.  The lunch pause was definitely worth it, and while the quiches weren’t as cheap as a crêpe bought off the street, the prices weren’t that awful and the food was so yummy!


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