snow snow everywhere!

We had quite a bit of snow in Champaign-Urbana last week (as did much of the midwest)  🙂

After snuggling in bed for a few hours that morning…




…we all decided to brave the elements for a snow walk outside.  Snow walks are my favorite 🙂  There is fewer traffic on the road and the pups love the snow



When we got back home, Brett and I decided to shovel.  We admit that it was still definitely a snow storm outside…but that which one shovels now, one doesn’t have to shovel later.  That is a real saying right?  😉

Right after shoveling, the driveway and sidewalk looked like this…


One hour later they looked like this…


And a few hours later they looked like this 🙂


Needless to say some hot cocoa was required to warm back up!


Brett and I putzed around the house doing random things and working throughout the day.  By the next day the snowing had stopped but it was soooo cold outside 🙂  Brett and I worked from home while the city slowly plowed all of the streets.  Lots more snuggling was had by all too 🙂  I think that is my favorite part 🙂  (and the hot cocoa of course…who can’t resist chocolate?)  🙂



Brett and I hope that you all have been able to stay warm!

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