snapshots of holiday craziness – Thanksgiving edition

Brett and I had a great Thanksgiving trip to St. Louis and Southern Illinois.  These trips always involve going back and forth between our two families and much strategy over figuring out where is best to put the pups each day but we always have a great time with our families.

This year we brought two friends home with us.  Raj, Brett’s trusty partner in crime, and Yonatan joined us for the house-to-house Thanksgiving celebrations/eating 🙂  I didn’t take pictures everywhere we went for some reason but I captured a few moments from the days with family 🙂

…like the group of us standing around, waiting to eat….



…the traditional Turkey Pineapple….  🙂


…and of course, the boys talking about something tech-y…


It was good to spend time with my dad and Lucas 🙂  (even if Lucas’s hair is longer than mine…still!)  hahaha!


We spent part of the day after Thanksgiving with my dad, Lucas, and all of the pups.  I could never get these three to all look at me at the same time!



Then we moved ourselves to Patti’s southern illinois home.  I guess I must have been tired by the end of the trip because I didn’t take many photos with Brett’s family this time around.  (If you want to see the pictures from our fun Chicago weekend together, click here!)  Nonetheless, I have quite a sweet spot for Christmas decorations and Brett’s mom, Patti, gave us this sweet light up snowman!


We arrived back home on Saturday night and spent a chunk of the next day filling up as many as these bags as possible


There is still a piece of the yard that has leaves but we are bagless until we make the next grocery store run…oohhh welllll  🙂

That was our holiday in snapshots…sometimes a cohesive story just isn’t necessary right?  🙂

Happy end of Fall to everyone and start of Winter!  Brett and I hope that you all celebrated Thanksgiving with those whom you love!

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