skillet lasagna

Brett makes a killer skillet lasagna!  🙂  He made it just the other night using a recipe found here.  The end result is so delicious!

The skillet lasagna is made much the same way as a normal lasagna…but all of the cooking is done in a skillet.  It starts with plenty of fresh veggies.  They are cooked and pureed into a sauce.


Noodles are layered in the pan with more veggies and cheese.

blog_BrettLasagna_2 blog_BrettLasagna_3 blog_BrettLasagna_4 blog_BrettLasagna_5 blog_BrettLasagna_6 blog_BrettLasagna_7

At one point, Brett tried to actually flip the stacked lasagna….it didn’t work 😉


Yum!  Have you tried a skillet lasagna before?  Any other variations on this noodle-y, cheese-y classic out there?


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  1. Wow, that looks delicious! Props to Brett for being master chef! 🙂
    I’ve never tried skillet lasagna, but I’m going to now! I’m a fan of lasagna in general so this is right up my alley. I typically make sausage and spinach lasagnas. Yum!!! Thanks for sharing!

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