Seitan Chorizo Tacos

Brett is quite the chef!  He made these Seitan Chorizo Tacos the other day and they were fabulous!  It was also one of his faster and easier meals (Brett tends to be a complicated chef hehe)  🙂

First, brown the seitan chorizo in a pan with some olive oil.  The trick that we have found with cooking seitan is to cook it until the texture is a bit crispy.


Chop tomatoes, basil, peaches, and a bit of romaine lettuce that will be added to the tacos


Saute some chopped onions (or chop them and add them raw to the tomato mixture…I don’t like them raw so Brett sauteed them for me 🙂 )  Mash some avocado and fill your taco shells!  To switch it up a bit, we used crunchy taco shells this time.  They were so good!