psa: we rescued a pitbull and she was the cutest pup ever…besides Caya & Inca

A few weeks ago I was looking out the window and saw a pooch I didn’t recognize running around in a neighbor’s yard.  I immediately grabbed a coat, my phone, and a leash and set out after her 🙂  After following her around for a bit and watching her interact with a neighborhood pup who had also gotten out, I ran back home to grab Caya and the two of us led the new pooch into our backyard.  Caya and the new pup got along really well for the couple of minutes they spent in the backyard together 🙂  Brett and I coaxed the new pup into the car and off to the vet we all went!


At the vet we discovered that this new pooch wasn’t microchipped.  (PSA….get your animals microchipped!)  Animal Control was closed for the holiday so the only other option was to take her home with us 🙂  The next day I was able to call everyone in the area who seemed relevant to our situation.  I learned that Animal Control has jurisdiction over animals found in Champaign County for the first 7 days after they are rescued.  After 7 days, if the animal passes a personality test, the animal is taken to the Humane Society if the Humane Society has space.  Another option was to keep the animal for 7 days, waiting for the previous owners to call in asking about their lost pet.  After 7 days the animal belongs to their new home.  Brett and I decided that we didn’t need this cute pooch to wait out 7 days in a cage at Animal Control and so we settled her into our downstairs 🙂


Over the course of the week that we had her, the new pooch was named (temporarily) Vara.  The nerd in Brett wanted to name her Var, for the temporary variables (var) that one codes with.  I joked that Var 0 and Var 1 were horrible names for a pup and started calling her Varie.  After about half a day of this her name transformed to Vara since the rest of the pooches in our home end in -a  🙂


I tested the limits of Vara as much as I could so that I knew I was giving as much information about her personality to people who might want to give her a permanent home.  I played with her and toys.  I messed around with a bowl next to her food while she was eating.  I made loud noises around her, pulled on her tail (gently haha), and messed with her head.  Vara was kind and playful the entire time we had her with us.  Given the lack of information about her though, Brett and I had the plan to keep Vara separate from our pups for the first week that we had her.  When Caya got downstairs one night, Vara was already in her crate for bed and the two of them were wagging their tails so ferociously and whining to play with one another…it was really cute 🙂  Inca wasn’t sure about the new arrival though haha

Vara was so responsive to petting!  When you scratched her back she contorted herself against you every time!  The first time she lowered her haunches as I scratched her back I thought she was going to pee on the carpet!  hahaha 🙂  (she didn’t though)




Since we kept her downstairs most of the time and crated her while we all slept, I only ever saw the pup sleep once.  🙂  Otherwise she was pacing and playful and full of TONS of energy!






Vara was definitely a pitbull.  She had all of the distinctive physical traits of her breed.  And you know what else?  She was loving, friendly, and playful, showing no signs of any sort of aggression.  After having her for a week, Brett and I were able to find her a forever home.  She visited her new family for a trial weekend and ended up staying 🙂  Brett and I miss her but we are both so glad that she has a wonderful family to live with 🙂


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