Flowers and Rehearsals and Ceremonies – Oh My!


I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays!  Brett and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to St. Louis, O’Fallon, and a little bit of Chicago 🙂  All spent with family….so wonderful!  Being back in Champaign means more planning and thesis writing and straightening the house, but thats ok too!  😉  We’ve been talking flowers lately…I don’t want to ruin anything but the flowers are going to be gorgeous thanks to my wonderful bridesmaid, Shelly.  I also just spoke with another bridesmaid, my Quebecoise sister, Chantal, and she will be arriving in St. Louis on July 2!  So much time still to go but I’m already SO excited!  (There seem to be lots of exclamation points in this post!).  Patti (Mamacita of the groom), Brett, and I have started talking rehearsal dinner.  So many details to work out still!  Also to be celebrated, Brett and I finished our pre-marital just before the Christmas holiday began and were able to start planning the ceremony.  We’ve been given the homework of figuring out readings and our vows before school starts again in January.  Not much info given to you, the reader, but hopefully I’m building some fun anticipation for our big day.  Apparently we have just 190 days to go 🙂

Love, Mallory

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Always a work in progress :)

Hello to all!

The website, as is easy to notice, has a lot more content now thanks to the diligent efforts of Mr. Brett R. Jones.  🙂  The Bridal Party page is definitely one to check out.  I’ll be adding descriptions of each member of the bridal party in the following week.  Preparations are still busily underway.  Flowers are being considered and I’ll be sitting down next week sometime with my head of flowers, Shelly.  🙂  We’ve started attacking the task of creating a registry….but for 2 people who tend to really research their purchases, we now have quite a few things to research before we can officially add them to the registry! hehe.  But besides wedding things, there is a Masters thesis in the works in our household for me, as well as continued PhD research for Brett, so life is always busy.

We’ll be so excited to see all of you come this next July.  Only 8 months to go!

Love, Mal

The finished website coming soon!

Hello!  For all of those joining us because you received your Save-the-Date in the mail, Welcome!  I will continue to post these little blogs to the site in the coming weeks.  Brett and I are also working on finishing the website. The accommodations information is coming soon along with info about our bridal party, registry, and wedding ceremony.  So keep coming back in the coming weeks for more details about our big day!


Wedding dress is finished!

Hello to all!

More and more wedding things underway.  The save the dates are almost done being designed by the one and only, Brett Jones.  🙂  And my wedding dress is finished!  I’m currently trying to keep my fingers on each of the many details still to work out (basically trying to atleast remember all of them!  ha!) and picking out fun accessories for both the reception and me, the bride.  🙂

The wedding dress that I will be wearing is my mother’s.  It has been restyled by a wonderful woman, Tina Colombo.  Her expertise and creativity made the process so exciting and enjoyable. She transformed a 1970’s wedding dress into one that has all of its original charm, along with some new modern flares.  🙂  Together I very much feel like we’ve created the perfect blend of my and my mother’s bridal tastes.  🙂  Tina does both custom dress design as well as heirloom gown restyling.

Her website is:

(hopefully a wonderful little advertisement for a very deserving woman)  🙂

Thats all for today I think.  My unofficial/official wedding planner says that I should start thinking about flowers…so I think I’ll start with that next.  🙂

More to come soon!


We’re blogging!

Hello to all!

Wedding planning is in full swing here in Champaign-Urbana.  For those of you fully interested in all of the gruesome details, I will post them here!  🙂  We’ve been guest list organizing and save the date preparing and website editing while still being full time students, puppy parents, and runners (…and bikers, and playing with photography, and Mal’s writing a book, and Brett is fixing his dad’s bike, and then there’s always the yard to take care of, and the living room to finish fixing…).  But wedding planning takes no back seat!  🙂  Stay tuned for more fun filled wedding activities.  We’ll soon have information up on the bridal party, as well as the accommodations and ceremony info, and details on the registry!

See you all soon!