Alternate RSVP


Do you know someone who doesn’t have internet but would like to RSVP for the wedding?  There are a couple of options!


1) Maybe you could RSVP for them?

2) Leave us a message and we can send you our phone number!


Love, Mal

Invitations are being mailed!

Hello everyone!

The invitations are in the process of being mailed!  If you know someone who received one and you have not yet, do not worry!    I spent most of last week in St. Louis away from the invitations so there was about a 7 day lull in between mailings.  The rest will go out in the next few days 🙂

Also, in your invitation, you should have received an invite to the wedding AND a reception info card.  This extra little card tells you how to get to the reception venue from the ceremony location AND tells you that the way to RSVP is through our website.  Go to the ‘RSVP’ link!  🙂

Have a great day!

Invitations are ordered!

Hello to everyone!!!

So many things checked off the list!  We had a tasting at our reception venue, talked with a florist, and….drum roll…..ordered the invitations!  🙂

Check out the rest of the website too!


Mal & Brett

Moving right along!

Hello to everyone!

As always, so much is happening!  We’ve added a bit to our ‘Bridal Party’ page so go ahead and check that out.  We also have booked our rehearsal dinner venue, we have a tasting coming up next week, and a meeting with a florist.  Shelly and I, bravely I must say, tried to assemble flowers.  Let me tell you…its really difficult to make them look nice!  🙂

Thats all!

Love, Mal

DJ Meeting!

Hello to everyone!

We met with the DJ this evening.  I think the meeting went pretty well!  We established some of the important songs (and some of the goofy ones….i.e. YMCA!).  🙂  But does anyone out there have any suggestions/requests?  🙂


Love, Mal & Brett