Our 100th Post!

Hello!  Brett and I have officially published 100 posts to this blog!  🙂  Hooraayy!  🙂

We’ve had a really fun time with this website during the year and a half that it has been in order.  This website allowed us to help organize the wedding and show you all of our awesome pictures from our big day.  Several months after our wedding, we evolved the site into what it is now…a glimpse into our everyday lives for those of you whom we don’t see as often as we would like (and even those whom we do 🙂  ).

Now it is your turn!  Is there anything that you would like to see included in our weekly content that you haven’t seen yet?  I know that some of our family and friends from afar are able to use this blog to keep up on our weekly happenings so we’d really like to know what you think!  Do we talk too much about food and not enough about our pups?  (this is completely doubtful given that there is almost always a weekly post that includes the furry daughters but you know…just as an example)  🙂

Thank you for sticking with us!  🙂  We really appreciate all of your love and support!


Mallory & Brett

mal and brett

Photo by Ross Floyd

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