Holidays, Michigan, Illini games, and Holiday cards

We haven’t talked a lot about our winter break!  (mostly I think because I (Mallory) want to forget that HUGE chunks of it spent studying ever happened haha!)  We will post more pictures soon but these are two that seemed fitting 🙂  The first is Brett and KJ in their pjs with pups in their laps 🙂 and the other is when Brett and I went to the St. Louis Symphony’s playing of the Pirates of the Caribbean with my dad and brother.  The music was soooo good!  We’ll post more pictures of the rest of break soon  🙂

After returning to Champaign and after my qualifying exam, Brett and I had a great trip to Michigan with the pups to finish our Winter Break 2012-2013.  Here are a few pictures (from my phone!  the resolution continues to amaze me)  from the trip which included walking on the beach (seeing how much Caya loves the water (though is frightened slightly by waves) which I learned while hiking with a friend in TN), visiting a casino just to spend most of our time in the Kid Zone (read, arcade…why gamble for real when you can play AWESOME games and then win tickets to get cool prizes?!?!?!), yummy dinners out (shown here with one of our awesome wins from the arcade), and much more.  🙂  More pictures to come!


Click here to watch a movie!  — walking on the beach

A few weeks back from break Brett and I were able to take advantage of my dad’s season tickets to the Illini Basketball games!  🙂  The game wasn’t the greatest (we lost to Northwestern?!) but we had a lot of fun!  Go ILLINI!!!


Finally done (for the time being, hurumph!) with that pesky qualifying exam, I worked hard over the weekend to finish sending out holiday cards and then ran out of them before finishing!  🙂  I quickly drove around town looking for cards to no avail.  Que the Internet-to-the-Rescue!  More cards were quickly ordered 🙂  Just proves that you really can by anything at anytime on the internet!  So some of those cards will be a tad bit later than desired (seeing as its mid to late January and all haha) but better late than never.  Sending out holiday cards is still one of those ‘adult’ like tasks that I really enjoy.  I so love getting everybody else’s cards and reading about what their lives have been like for the past year.  For some of those people, I know everything that has happened before even opening the envelope since we stay in touch but for others it has been a while and the card is a nice and endearing way to see that we’re all thinking of one another.

What do you all think about holiday cards?  An archaic tradition or something to keep going strong?  🙂


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