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I have always loved getting snail mail (doesn’t everyone?!) 🙂  I also really really enjoy sending out letters and cards.  When I lived in France I had a few friends who would send me monthly correspondences.  When I was going through chemo, a few of my mom’s and my dad’s friends would send me little cards/care packages and so would my own friends.  I’ve found sending cards to be a great way of connecting with those that I love, both those who live close by and those who have moved far away (or those who I have moved far away from).  I feel connected to them when writing the letter and the goal is then to allow them to feel connected to me when they receive their little surprise in the mail.  I have found the connection created by snail mail to be so much more personal and loving than those connections obtained through social media outlets.

I have kept every special piece of mail that has ever been sent to me.  Brett learned when organizing the paper that was building up in our office that ‘letters/cards’ needed their own shoe box as they were overrunning the file folder that was holding them.  The ones from my childhood and undergraduate years are in their own boxes.

This also means that I tend to LOVE purchasing stationary and card sets.  TJ Maxx is a great place to buy some great letter writing supplies at a discount!  Here are a few of my current collection of supplies…


Do you have a way of feeling connected to those you love?  Maybe through the joys of snail mail?  🙂


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