Lemonhead cookies!

Since the neighbors were so very neighborly and wonderfully helpful to us during Mallory’s battle vs. the lawn we wanted to do something to show our gratitude.  I found this recipe for Lemonhead cookies and I thought I’d give them a try.

The recipe calls for all of the regular, cookie-like ingredients,


along with lemons


and, as the name of the cookies might imply, Lemonhead candies!

blog_lemonheadAThe cookies baked up quite nicely, with the smells of lemon and vanilla filling the entire kitchen.



The baked cookies were slightly flatter than I had intended (maybe the dough was too warm before baking?…does that affect anything?  haha)  They definitely live up to their name as well…the cookies are quite lemony.  🙂  I think for next time I’m going to skip the lemonhead candies (I promise to keep the lemon juice from the actual lemon!  haha!) and add some chocolate chips.



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