japanese sweet potatoes and homemade garlic orange chicken

One night last week, it was my turn to cook dinner.  Armed with only some chicken and some Japanese sweet potatoes (never tried these before), I invented something new 🙂

My first hurdle was to figure out how best to cook the sweet potatoes.  I found a great website here that explained how to bake them…so bake them I did.  While the sweet potatoes were baking, I melted some butter in a saute pan and sauted some garlic.  Then I quickly cubed some chicken breasts.  To the pan, I added about a cup of orange juice (no idea where this inspiration came from!).  In the orange, garlic liquid, I poached the chunks of chicken.  Once the chicken was almost all the way cooked, I added zucchini and onions.  When these vegetables were almost tender I added a bunch of spinach, covered the pan, and simmered a few more minutes.  Voila!


The Japanese sweet potatoes were also fantastic!  I added nothing to them, just cut them up and served next to the chicken dish.  While the color wasn’t quite as nice as your standard, bright orange sweet potato, the flavor was so delicious!

Have you ever cooked with something that you would have never thought to use before?  (like orange juice!)  🙂


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