how I know we’ll always be engineers

This post could equally be named, ‘how I know we spend too much time around engineers’ but then I figured that we are engineers! So maybe this is just a great indication that we’re in this line of work (and thinking haha) for the long haul 🙂 (or that anything we do or touch will be affected by our engineering ‘know how’) 🙂

How I know that Brett and I have a lot of engineering friends/How I know we’ll always be engineers at heart:

#1  A conversation with a friend about some plans over the summer. I asked him if he would be back in Champaign by a certain date and he began his response with…

Y: “there is a non-zero probability that…”

#2  When I went to visit Brett in Seattle he had only shaving cream and Axe body soap in his shower…apparently that is all one needs? 😉
#3  A conversation at work about the correct technique to down large trees (as if that weren’t nerdy enough) then turned into a discussion about the fracture mechanics involved depending on whether the trees were solid or hollow.

#4  Talking with a friend about how the A/C was out on the floor where he works at NASA in Alabama. I asked how he was coping and he said…

B: “I have my fan on full blast and i’m trying to minimize my movements.”

#5  Running with the same NASA friend. We’ve been doing a run/walk routine while he builds up his running endurance.

M: “25 seconds left…sorry, make that 45.”
B: “I liked the first choice better.”
M: “We’ll interpolate.”

#6  A discussion with some co-workers at NASA about their work travel plans resulted in this exchange…

G: Did you hear that our travel was cancelled this week?
M: Yes, P told me yesterday. Is that good or bad?
G: We’re not sure. There is probably a hidden meaning in it but we’re engineers so we don’t know what it is.
P: Yea…just be direct with us. Are we going to prom or not?…No?…Ok, fine.



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