Honeymoon or not to Honeymoon

Whenever I mention this Paris trip people seem to quickly label it as our honeymoon.  As many of you know, Brett and I have not yet taken a honeymoon trip.  Last summer Brett needed to spend 12 weeks at his internship and I needed to spend 10 which basically took up the rest of the summer once we had each taken 2 weeks off to get married, take a weekend trip, and then each get back to our respective summer homes.  We considered taking our honeymoon that following winter…but at the end of winter break I needed to take my qualifying exam (read, qualifying exam round 1) so taking a 2 week vacation when I really needed to be doing nothing but studying didn’t seem like a good idea.  This summer is out as well.  So I guess this trip to Paris *is* our first real vacation in a while.  But I just don’t want it to be the honeymoon.  While I absolutely adore Paris, its not a location that we picked out by ourselves…a conference trip of Brett’s determined this location.  We also don’t have a lot of time….if we’re going to go somewhere for a relaxing honeymoon I want to spend 2 weeks there haha.  I also have this idea that if we’re going to go on a honeymoon that it should be to somewhere fantastic and not decided by a ‘for work’ purpose.  I have been playing with the ideas of Turkey, Nepal, Cambodia, and Bali periodically (just one location not all of them haha)….don’t think we’ve totally settled on one.  I did buy a Lonely Planet guide book to Bali though and I’ve talked with different co-workers from Turkey and Nepal about their home countries and traveling there.  I also talked with a Palestinian friend of mine about his home country but that one may be out of our reach for the moment.  Any thoughts?  Should we just call our first trip as a married couple our honeymoon or save the label for a trip where we pick the destination and the ambiance?

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