Girly Wednesday ~ xxvii ~ musings on a support system

Sometimes you just need that one person to step out of the shadows and come and be your friend.  🙂  I’m glad that I have those people here in Champaign.  I spent the first week that I was back in town sick…then my dad, brother, and grandmother came into town for a short and very busy weekend of house fixes…and then, just as I was mostly getting used to my new schedule and definitely as I was becoming a little lonely in our big house all by myself, I received a text message…  It asked if I was in town and if I had been “sitting around the house bored?  wishing people would visit you?”  And the next day my friend Y just showed up 🙂  It reminded me of how much I sometimes require a good push in the direction of people.  Don’t get me wrong!  I am definitely a people person but I can sometimes hole myself up without meaning to and a week later suddenly realize that I’m lonely.

I was soon cured of my ‘pjs all day, not a lot of reasons to leave the house’ syndrome over some authentic, vegetarian chinese food and in the days to come with more good food, coffee, juice, pastries, and lots of conversation 🙂







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