Girly Wednesday ~ xxix ~ Carrying 3 Women

Choosing one’s apparel for a race day is crucial…everything must be chosen for maximum function and comfort.  Even one’s accessories 🙂

This year at the Chicago Marathon, I ran with 3 rings on the middle finger of my right hand.  I love wearing rings that are meaningful.  I like buying rings with someone in mind with whom I can share the sentiment.  I also though, don’t like the way it feels to have rings on adjacent fingers on my hand…this proves to be quite limiting sometimes so I have learned the method of stacking rings.


The ring with the widest and most decorative band is my mother’s wedding band.  The silver, infinity loop ring I share with a dear and close sister friend (love you!).  The wrapped ring I bought from an artist in Huntsville with my mother in mind.  It looks really nice when paired with her wedding band and also just by itself.  I think she would like it 🙂

So, to the race I carried these strong women with me in spirit.  I think we had a pretty good run 🙂


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