Girly Wednesday ~ xxiv ~ fun nail art!

It has been a while since we did a nail post so here goes it!  The other day, I painted my nails and decided to go one step further by adding a really simple design in a contrasting color.  What do you think?  🙂

First, I painted my nails black (as always, applying a base coat first)…I used to think that black nails would instantly look gothic and dark but I have found that I really really enjoy the dark color.  I find it elegant and fun 🙂


Then I took one of my favorite, lighter shades of nail polish and applied three small dots to the top left corner of each nail on my left hand and the top right corner of each nail on my right hand with a toothpick.  After the dots dried I applied a top coat and voila!




What do you think about the finished look?  One step that I sometimes do but didn’t include here is cleaning up the edges of the nails with a q-tip and some nail polish remover.  Taking a shower also helps remove those pesky bits of nail polish on the skin around your nail but not everyone may also need to take a shower a few hours after painting their nails 😉


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