Girly Wednesday ~ xxiii ~ these are a few of my favorite blogs!

I sometimes get questions about what blogs I pay attention to online so I thought I’d give you a list!  This is a personal and craft blog.  Between weekly letters to her infant daughter and crafty tutorials/projets/products, I absolutely love this blog.  This is written by a woman living in NYC with her two small children and writer husband.  Sometimes the posts are small and cute and sometime they are more substantial.  She has a Motherhood Around the World series going on right now that is so interesting!  This blog has great, daily beauty tips.  They discuss everything from fun nail tutorials to how-to posts for awesome hair and makeup 🙂  This blog, maintained by two sisters, is fantastic.  From vintage style posts to crafts and food, their daily posts (and most times more than one per day) always please  I think I have mentioned this website before…it is so easy to become lost in all of the photos and little snippets of people’s stories 🙂  This blog is a collection of photographers, posting weekly pictures of their children.  The photos are just glorious and the story they tell is so fascinating  This blog is HUGE.  It fills my feedly feed (hmm that is redundant haha) daily and I sift through the ones that look interesting.  It is a great go-to for home improvement type of projects/ideas/how-tos  This one is less of an every day blog read for me but one that I definitely spend time on from time to time.  The author of the blog writes about the intersections between feminism, marriage, and faith This blog isn’t updated daily but the posts are fairly frequent and hilarious.  They describe the awesome, the ugly, and the addictive that is distance running 🙂  Vintage fashion isn’t always my favorite and I don’t intend on becoming much of a vintage clothes wearing housewife (maybe a jumpsuit wearing housewife?).  Nevertheless, this blog is well done and entertaining to read.  The outfits are fun and the hair tutorials are relevant even for those who don’t seek a vintage look in all they do 🙂  This blog is a restart of an older one, written by the friend of a friend.  The posts are well written and often quite comical 🙂

Were you all familiar with some of these spots already?  Do you already have your own favorites?  I’d love to be directed towards your favorite blogs 🙂


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