Girly Wednesday ~ xviii ~ random acts of kindness

While Brett and I were exploring Huntsville (more on that tomorrow!  eeep!  Teaser!), I ran across this lovely little post-it note in a ladies restroom


I experienced the little note to be a very powerful and loving act of kindness for all the women who would pass through.  I find it quite reassuring and hope-restoring when I see small gestures of love around us.  This note was written and placed by someone who would probably not be able to see its effect first-hand, yet I’m sure the words did their task.  The words are personable and tender and so seemingly genuine.

I’ve heard more and more about people ‘paying it forward.’  The radio, every so often, talks about people paying for the meal or coffee of the car behind them in the drive through.  Words can have this same impact.  🙂  This post-it note allowed one woman to take care of her neighbor and to help her neighbor take care of herself.  So beautiful…


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