Girly Wednesday ~ xvii ~ setting goals

Brett and I are about to start a brand new phase of our lives…mainly because I am no longer going to be in graduate school in the fall.  I was thinking the other day about how to go about focusing myself for the new tasks ahead, both now and when the fall officially starts.  It seemed to me that the best way was to write some good, old-fashioned goals 🙂

1) Take more “real” pictures

2) Assume I know what someone is thinking less often (like in those situations where you say something and a verbal response isn’t given, so then you decide (probably unintentionally) what the other person is thinking…I tend to assume they don’t agree with what I just said or that they find what I just said to be totally absurd… without any justification for this)  🙂

3) Go to bed earlier

4) Experiment with an evening routine that I find calming

5) Bake more frequently

6) Create more

7) Find a way to organize my next steps

There are 7 goals on that list.  Some of them I can start to tackle right away and some of them will need to be a work in progress as the summer winds down.  Here. We. Go.

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