Girly Wednesday ~ xi

Hello everyone!

I’ve been writing posts for a few months now for the Girly Wednesday series.  So far, I’ve focused on nails (thanks to the suggestion of my buddy Joanie 🙂 ), hair, and had one post on some of the strong women in my life and how they’ve been watching out for me.  But I want to know what you all are interested in!  I know that some of you aren’t interested in these girly posts at all (my dad literally told me, “I really like your blog posts…except the girly ones)  HAHA!  🙂  Nevertheless, I’m really curious if any of you who are interested have requests for topics that I could delve into that might fit the Girly Wednesday series.  🙂  So let me know!  Leave a comment below (or figure out how else to contact me) haha 🙂