Girly Wednesday ~ x ~ a gold tipped manicure

I really enjoy having painted nails and, as I’ve mentioned before, its so easy to do them yourself that I rarely spend the money on an actual manicure.  For that reason I’m always on the look out for fun, new, and easy things to try with my nails 🙂  I tried a new manicure technique recently!  I used a normal, gold sharpie to draw on the tips of my ‘french’ style manicure.  🙂  I found the motivation behind the style here but their techniques didn’t work very well (as the numerous comments on their post show).  The gold color had a bad habit of smearing when the top coat was applied.  This post by a different blog helps clear up the issue of the gold color smearing.  The technique is really really simple though so here goes!

I painted on 2 coats of a really pale, pink color.


After the color completely dried, I carefully drew on the gold tips to the finger nails


After letting the gold marker dry for a few minutes, I sprayed a quick coat of hair spray on the nails, keeping the hair spray bottle far away from the nails so that the layer wasn’t too thick.  After that dried, I carefully painted on a coat of a UV top coat and voila!


What do you all think?  I think the idea is very clever and I’m excited to try it with the silver sharpie that I have as well.  The gold color is not as crisp with the marker as it would be if I had painted it on with a gold colored nail polish though.  I’m also not sold on the light nail color and dark nail tips look yet…but I’m open to comments and suggestions!  🙂