Girly Wednesday ~ ii

The other week I was looking through some of my favorite beauty/fashion/design blogs and ran across this great article from thebeautydepartment where they describe how to make a more matte look from your lipstick, lipstain, or lip gloss.  They blog article also said that the method would help the color more thoroughly set, and therefore stay on your lips for longer!  Well…I *had* to give it a try!

1. I have many shades of lipstick and lipgloss.  For a first try though, I used Sunset from Mary Kay

2. For the blush, I used a sample from Clinique that I had lying around.  It is a shade called fig

3. My lips, pre-lipstick.

4. My lips, post-lipstick.

5. My lips, post application of the blush.  You can tell that the color is now matte.


The color of the shade has changed a little, but not much.  I tried this with another lipstick color that I don’t like as much any more and also saw very little changes in the final shade of the matte lip color.  I think that using a blush with a different hue (either brighter or darker, depending on the desired final color shade) would do more to help change the appearance of the matte look.

Do you all have any fun make up tips or strategies?  🙂


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