french toast for the win

For his first dinner back in town, Brett and I made Alton Brown’s french toast recipe.  It is a bit high maintenance of a recipe, as french toast goes, but it is really good 🙂  We substituted milk for the half and half that was called for and had to double the recipe for some reason but other than that stuck pretty true to the directions.  🙂

We let the bread soak in the egg, milk, and honey mixture for about 30 seconds on each side.  Some of the our normal bread slices had trouble then with the transfer to the hot and buttered pan but that’s ok!  (the recipe calls for more hefty, french loaf like bread…oh well!)


After soaking up the mixture, we let each slice of soaked bread drip off a bit of the excess milky-eggy-honey mixture on a cooling rack set over a cookie sheet.


Then in the skillet each piece went!  (with a bit of butter each round 🙂  )


With the bread being so soaked through with the eggy-milky-honey mixture, the inside is quite custardy still, even after pan frying for a few minutes on each side.  The next step though takes care of this…5 minutes in the oven!


And voila!  Not to tough and sooo yummy to eat.  🙂  I absolutely adore breakfast for any meal.  I’m still trying to get my in-laws sold on the idea though I think 😉

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