Fred came to visit!

Fredrik, an old roommate of ours, came to visit this weekend and Raj is officially back in town!  Adam, Brett, Raj and I took the opportunity to eat at the awesome, Original Pancake House (or OPH as I like to call it (pronounced ‘opah!’)).  We had a really fun wine and cheese party at our house where everyone was supposed to bring a hunk of cheese or some wine…though we ended up with a cooler filled with beer present at the evening too 🙂  Much of the evening was also filled with self-imposed ’90s hits, singing and dancing!  I made a really yummy shortbread, caramel, and chocolate layered dessert for Joanie’s birthday and some chocolate chip cookies that were completely gone by the end of the night.

The shortbread caramel bars looked just like these from 🙂


Fred, Raj, Brett, and I played 3 games of raquette ball….there was supposed to be another round of that over the weekend so that Fred and Mal could reap some revenge but we never quite made it back to the gym.  🙂  The boys passed a lot of that time spent not at the gym playing a bunch of halo, and we ate some great German food in nearby Gibson city 🙂  Here are just a few pictures from the weekend

Happy Monday!

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