Flowers and Rehearsals and Ceremonies – Oh My!


I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays!  Brett and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to St. Louis, O’Fallon, and a little bit of Chicago 🙂  All spent with family….so wonderful!  Being back in Champaign means more planning and thesis writing and straightening the house, but thats ok too!  😉  We’ve been talking flowers lately…I don’t want to ruin anything but the flowers are going to be gorgeous thanks to my wonderful bridesmaid, Shelly.  I also just spoke with another bridesmaid, my Quebecoise sister, Chantal, and she will be arriving in St. Louis on July 2!  So much time still to go but I’m already SO excited!  (There seem to be lots of exclamation points in this post!).  Patti (Mamacita of the groom), Brett, and I have started talking rehearsal dinner.  So many details to work out still!  Also to be celebrated, Brett and I finished our pre-marital just before the Christmas holiday began and were able to start planning the ceremony.  We’ve been given the homework of figuring out readings and our vows before school starts again in January.  Not much info given to you, the reader, but hopefully I’m building some fun anticipation for our big day.  Apparently we have just 190 days to go 🙂

Love, Mallory

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