Flourless Chocolate Cake!

I made a flourless chocolate cake recently for Brett’s mom, Patti’s birthday.  It’s her favorite!  🙂  I used a recipe from here.

After beating the sugar into the batter, its time for the eggs, and then the cocoa powder.

blog_cake1The cake is baked in a round, 8″ cake pan (I used our pie pan), allowed to cool, and then dumped upside down onto a platter.  The recipe I used said to line the pan with wax paper…they meant it 🙂  I didn’t and there were some structural problems (i.e. the middle of the cake really wanted to stay in the pan while the rest of the cake didn’t mind falling nicely onto the platter).


A final dusting of cocoa powder, and…bon appétit !



Do you have any favorite sweet recipes?


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