Florist is booked!

Hello to everyone!

So much has happened in our lives in the past few weeks!  Where to begin?  🙂

We’ve finished prepping our living room so painting has officially begun!  The wood work around the windows is done and the rest will be finished tonight…then walls and we’re done!  🙂  The house will be in great shape when you all arrive in Champaign for our wedding 🙂

On another note,  my master’s thesis was accepted so I have transitioned to being an official PhD student.  🙂  Lots still to do this semester…experiments, projects, homework assignments, and finals and then its summer!

The countdown continues til our big day but the planning is still underway 🙂  The florist is booked!  I think that makes all of the really big stuff taken care of.  🙂  I’m learning to delegate to help lighten the organizational load a bit.  Brett and I are still actively running.  The half-marathon is here in Champaign tomorrow and we’re both running.

I think thats about it…lots of things happening.  🙂  The puppies are doing great and enjoying the warm weather…and looking forward to our big day!

Love, Mallory

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