Flashback: Thanksgiving 2014

This year for Thanksgiving, Brett and I decided to stay in Champaign.  A few friends decided to stay in town as well and we organized an entire day of festitivies.  Starting the week before with baking and ending with a lengthy poker game, our Thanksgiving Day was different than every other year and yet, wonderful.

ThanksgivinginChambana_11 ThanksgivinginChambana_12 ThanksgivinginChambana_13 ThanksgivinginChambana_14 photo

ThanksgivinginChambana_1 ThanksgivinginChambana_2 ThanksgivinginChambana_3 ThanksgivinginChambana_4ThanksgivinginChambana_5 ThanksgivinginChambana_6 ThanksgivinginChambana_7

ThanksgivinginChambana_9 ThanksgivinginChambana_8

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