Fence Project!

We’ve started a new fence project because Inca,


a.k.a. the escape artist, has gotten herself out of the yard AGAIN!  The yard has been pretty secure since we fixed the fence when Brett and I first moved into our house, but Inca has found a new way out!

When we first moved in, we loved that the large backyard had a fence all the way around it.  Having a smaller pup though, we needed to ‘fill in’ some of the wider gaps of the decorative fence on the street side of the yard.

blog_fence2Brett and I dug a trench and lined the bottom 6 inches of fence with chicken wire.  We attached the chicken wire with a staple gun.

blog_fence3The slats of one of the fence gates were wider than in other areas so we lined the entire gate with chicken wire.

blog_fence1This solved our Inca escaping issue for more than a year.  The other night though, Brett noticed that the pups had been outside longer than normal for the wet and chilly evening we were having and that Caya had been barking at something for the last few minutes.  When he went outside, neither dog would come to his call.  When he went behind our shed to investigate, Caya was barking and Inca was peering nervously at him from another person’s yard!

blog_fence4She had been able to jump the chain-link fence on the left of the image since its shorter than in other areas of the yard.  Goodness gracious!  Now why, you ask, would the smaller dog jump the fence to chase a squirrel before the larger dog would?  Well…Caya is a bit of a scaredy pup…she doesn’t even like to open doors by herself (and we’re talking doors that are already slightly opened just not enough so for her to pass through).  🙂  Inca is more adventurous and more willing to fit herself through little holes.

So the ‘fix another part of the fence project’  has commenced!  From the hardware store, we bought welded wire mesh (more sturdy than chicken wire), U-posts, and a post driver (to drive the posts into the ground).  Brett buried a few posts and dug a trench to set the welded wire mesh into.


Brett attached the wire mesh to the posts using zip-ties, to the shed using eye hooks (this was my idea! haha), and to the existing wood fence with our trusty staple gun.  Seriously, if you only have a few home improvement items, staple guns are a necessity!  🙂 (also a shovel and a wheelbarrow!)


blog_fence7Here’s the finished product!



Do you all have any home improvement stories/secrets/successes to share?  🙂


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