Early evening in the hammock

The weather has been soooo fantastic lately!  One evening, right after getting home from work, Brett and I let the pups outside and decided to join them.  We set up the hammock, grabbed our laptops, and worked for about an hour while enjoying the evening air.  The central tree in our backyard finally has all of its leaves and the grass is in, full and green.  The hammock was one of the best, for fun items that Brett and I put on our wedding registry…



Eventually we were all hungry and the pups in particular started nudging up against the hammock, trying to get our attention.  They distracted one another for a few minutes by playing around the hammock but growling stomachs still won over in the end and inside we went.



The evening outside was so welcoming after the long winter.  I cannot wait until its warmer like this every day 🙂

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