Doggie Training!

We’ve been working really hard with Inca.  Brett and I are quite a dream team when it comes to the dog training…Brett offers the insight and know-how from the doggie training book and I offer the positive energy and doggie instincts from my dog behavioral studying.  🙂  We recently had a lovely boxer, Julep, visiting us for a few days.

blog_JulepInca and Julep have met before, with a bit of contention, and this meeting was no different.  When the two pups were outside they chased each other and had a great time but the second we got inside, Inca would try and guard the portions of the house she had deemed to be hers.  At one point we were all in the bedroom together and Inca was looking menacingly at Julep.  Brett grabbed a handful of food and so did I.  While I fed the ‘refuses to eat when anything too exciting is happening’ Julep from my hand, Brett gave Inca a piece of food everytime she looked at Julep and didn’t completely tense up and/or start to curl her lip up.  Whenever Inca did tense up or curl her lip, Brett would ask her to sit or shake until he had her full attention and then he would give her a piece of food too.  After a little while, Inca completely relaxed.  All of our positive reinforcement training is working!  The girls played outside for a few more hours that night and all was well.  Inca’s manners lapse sometimes but her anxiety around new dogs is continuing to improve.  🙂


Do you have any dog training tips for dealing with anxious pups?  🙂


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