Doctor visits and Scans

About two weeks ago, I had my latest hospital check up.  It seems inevitable that Brett and I drive down to St. Louis for my check up scans in icky weather.


But drive down to St. Louis we did.  For the first year after my treatment ended I had CT scans every 3 months.  In October of 2012, this frequency changed to every 6 months.  The not eating for 8 hours prior to each scan makes me a little giggly and a lot uncomfortable.  The hospitals tend to be cold but the nurses and office staff are always as friendly as can be.  There is even a woman who works the front desk of the CT waiting room who now knows me by name.  🙂

Not having had a scan for 6 months now, I was a little nervous about whether something had cropped up during all of that time away from my friend the CT scanner.  I’ve found myself feeling around on my neck the past few weeks thinking about whether I can detect anything abnormal or anything larger than normal.  I have dreams sometimes about what my life would be like if I were facing another round of chemo…about how I would change my life and what this new life would look like.  The formality and the coldness (literally, these places are always soo cold!) of the hospital never seems to be comforting and the process of getting the IV started and getting scanned are lonely.

This time though, almost right off the bat, the ice was broken and all worries needed to be thrown out the window.  Due to a new CT area protocol, because I have fallen in the last 30 days (and even though I fell on ICE), I was deemed a ‘fall risk’ and made to wear this ridiculous bracelet around the hospital.  It is just hard to feel as nervous about the consequences of having a new CT scan with that goofy bracelet around your wrist!  I proudly told everyone I came into contact with about why I was deemed a fall risk and to let me know if they spotted any ice in the hospital that I should watch out for.  🙂


In the end, the scan was clean!  Brett and I met with my oncologist and everything looks fine.  We scheduled my next scan for 6 months from now and the four of us drove back to Champaign.  And whenever Brett forgets his sunglasses and needs to wear mine, the drive is that much more entertaining 🙂




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