DIY dog bed cover

Our pups love to chew on dog beds if they haven’t received enough exercise over a couple of days 🙂  We haven’t had to replace one in a while but let’s just say that Brett and I have bought our fair share of puppy beds 🙂  The current favorite bed was a simple egg crate covered in a cozy top and durable side fabric.  I think we got the bed on sale at Petsmart.  Over time the zipper was a little wonky and the sides were starting to spew tiny bits of foam from the occasional nibbling.


Eventually, I took off the outside covering and just wrapped the egg crate foam in a blanket for the pups but I knew that this wasn’t a permanent solution.  Well, now the bed is fixed and covered in a brand new dog bed pillowcase of sorts!  I found a video tutorial here on making an envelope pillow case.  Brett and I picked out a really cozy fleece fabric.  I cut the pieces and started sewing up the back flaps.


Then the two back pieces were placed good side down, on top of the large top piece to pin it all together.  As soon as the fabric hit the floor though, the dogs kept coming and laying on it!  I literally could not pin the pieces together without Brett distracting the pups for me.  I guess the fabric choice was a hit?  🙂




Once all of the pieces were sewn together it made a kind of wrapped up pillowcase where the place to insert the pillow was in the back, through overlapping flaps.  This way I didn’t have to worry about incorporating a zipper but the pups also wouldn’t have easy access to the insides of the dog bed.


With the egg crate foam inserted into the new dog bed cover, the puppy bed was done!  From now on we are not buying dog beds….you can get an egg crate foam mattress pad for pretty cheap…I am cutting those apart and making the covers myself!





The pups love it 🙂  I texted pictures to my dad and he said that he wanted two 🙂

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