cinnamon rolls…in a skillet!

While Brett and I were in Michigan, I really wanted to make some cinnamon rolls.  🙂  The only problem was our lack of oven!  Have no fear, I am adventurous and was willing to eat a half raw cinnamon roll if it didn’t work out HAHA!  🙂

I arranged the cinnamon rolls in a skillet like I would have in an oven safe pan.  I turned on the heat and put the lid on the skillet to keep the heat all around the cinnamon rolls.  After the skillet had a chance to warm up, I turned the heat down super low so that I wouldn’t burn the bottoms of the rolls.  I let the rolls cook until they looked puffed up and warm and bubbly 🙂  (it took about 30 minutes)


And voila!  Below is the “before icing” shot 🙂  The cinnamon rolls were just a bit gooey on top but had almost entirely cooked the rest of the way through 🙂  So yummy!  Just goes to show that a little creativity can cook anything without an oven 🙂


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