Our big day was a big success! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our big day. 🙂 A few tears were shed and a few bridal party knees got a little wobbly during the ceremony but we all finished smiling and on our feet. 🙂 We’ve officially decided that all of the months of planning were well worth it. We were married in style and with the help of so many of you who love us!

After a quick stop over in St. Louis we are headed to Seattle for our summer mini moon….and we’re already scheming for our full honeymoon in Jan. 2013.

Thank you to everyone who helped us plan our day, above all our parents and our bridal party!

52 day countdown!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing splendidly!  We are at the 52 day mark in our countdown to our wedding!  🙂  Both Brett and I are very very excited for our big, July day!!!  Lots of little things still to do, candles for the centerpieces, gift baggies for our hotel guests (which, there are a lot of you hehe), final things with the DJ, figuring out the marriage license…I’m not sure the list will have been totally taken care of even once July 7th rolls around 😉  We both hope that as many as you can make it as possible.  We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you in Champaign in 1 month and 3 days!

Love, Mallory

Florist is booked!

Hello to everyone!

So much has happened in our lives in the past few weeks!  Where to begin?  🙂

We’ve finished prepping our living room so painting has officially begun!  The wood work around the windows is done and the rest will be finished tonight…then walls and we’re done!  🙂  The house will be in great shape when you all arrive in Champaign for our wedding 🙂

On another note,  my master’s thesis was accepted so I have transitioned to being an official PhD student.  🙂  Lots still to do this semester…experiments, projects, homework assignments, and finals and then its summer!

The countdown continues til our big day but the planning is still underway 🙂  The florist is booked!  I think that makes all of the really big stuff taken care of.  🙂  I’m learning to delegate to help lighten the organizational load a bit.  Brett and I are still actively running.  The half-marathon is here in Champaign tomorrow and we’re both running.

I think thats about it…lots of things happening.  🙂  The puppies are doing great and enjoying the warm weather…and looking forward to our big day!

Love, Mallory

Alternate RSVP


Do you know someone who doesn’t have internet but would like to RSVP for the wedding?  There are a couple of options!


1) Maybe you could RSVP for them?

2) Leave us a message and we can send you our phone number!


Love, Mal